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Maple Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder

Fiber Artist Supply Co.

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Product Overview

The Fiber Artist Supply Co. Maple Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder is our most popular yarn winder and a must-have tool for any fiber artist!

Six sealed ball bearings allow the winder to spin almost effortlessly while a well-balanced main winding assembly allow users to use this winder with or without a table clamp. Each winder is handcrafted from hard maple and premium maple-veneered plywood and finished with a natural Danish oil.


A Modular Unit: An important element of our ball winder design is the ability to disassemble & service it with little effort. Every tool that receives regular use will need to be cleaned at some point. The ability to quickly disassemble this winder sets it apart from other winders on the market. You can take the entire unit apart in less than a minute. Suppose you drop the winder and break just one part. Rather than throwing the entire unit away, you can easily purchase just the part you need from the 'Replacement Parts' tab on our website. Want to add an "art yarn" guide? Simply loosen the yarn guide set screw and replace the standard yarn guide. It's that easy.

Yarn Capacity: The amount of yarn that this winder (or any winder) can hold depends on the tension placed on the yarn as it is fed into the unit and the thickness of the yarn. You should be able to get around 1 pound of fingering weight yarn on this winder. Ten ounces is about the maximum capacity of worsted weight yarn. Thicker yarns will be less. The capacity is about twice that of the common little blue plastic winder.

Urethane Belts: Urethane belting is a common power transmission method for this industry. These belts are designed to last about 10 years.  We also sell replacement belts if needed.

Complete Winding: Pair this winder with our Maple Yarn Swift for a complete winding set-up in your home, studio, or workspace!

What's Included:

Maple Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder
Table Clamp
Yarn Guide
1/8" urethane drive belt
1/8" and 3/32" Hex Wrenches
Simple Instructions


Factory Warranty: Each jumbo ball winder we sell has a one year warranty from date of purchase against manufacturer's defects. You can tell when your item was produced by referencing the serial number on the bottom. We warrant each unit for the year on the bottom plus one year. 

Items ship mostly assembled - some light assembly required. Yarn not included.

Individually handcrafted in our Cincinnati, OH workshop.

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(41 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Never knew what a beautiful cake was till I got this

    Posted by EOR on 31st Dec 2023

    I had a plastic winder for 15 years - it could be such a hassle to work with, and I finally got fed up. I ordered this, and just before it arrived I wound a ball of yarn on my plastic winder without a hitch. I kicked myself, thinking I spent all this money for nothing. And then it arrived and I tried it out, and it really is worth EVERY penny as other reviews say. I was skeptical that it would work without being clamped, but it does, and I can wind yarn anywhere in my small house, whereas before I only had 2 non-ideal places. Also, I've really never known what a beautiful yarn cake was until I used this - of course the yarn is beautiful, but the lovely CAKE makes it even more gorgeous! I was worried that being unable to take the post off would pose issues when winding, but so far I've been able to work it out. Caking yarn is no longer a chore that makes me frustrated, and I've been going through my stash and recaking everything and it's been a lot of fun. I can't recommend this ball winder enough!

  • 5

    Posted by Michelle on 19th Nov 2023

    Got this as a present from my husband and it is a godsend. I look forward to winding yarn, like it is a treat every time. Worth watching the demo video as you get started. Well worth the price. Love that it’s a silent-spin!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 18th May 2023

    I made the mistake of trying to get a cheaper handmade ball winder off of Etsy and while it technically did the job I struggled with it so often, the yarn would slip randomly no matter what I did so all of my yarn cakes/balls would ever look quite right plus when I did manage to get some semblance of a cake/ball my yarns were under a lot of tension. I finally caved and decided to get this after watching a few videos of TLYarnCrafts using her ball winder and it's the most amazing thing I have ever used. My yarn goes from skeins to cakes/balls so quickly and painlessly and they're just so beautiful. Seriously worth every penny. If you're on the fence because of the price, trust me, it's well worth the investment.

  • 5
    Ordered on Feb 23

    Posted by Catherine on 25th Feb 2023

    Got it today Feb 25 It was mainly put together so all I had to do was put the main drive belt, the assembled yarn guide post and the yarn guide base knob on the base. I ordered the larger yarn guide so I can wind different sizes of yarn. I have not used it yet but it is ready for me to use no matter what size yarn I choose to make into a ball. I have plastic winders but wasn’t really pleased with them but I am very pleased with this winder and am looking forward to using it IT IS BEAUTIFUL. I am totally happy with the product, the person that helped me with my order and packaging and the shipping. Thank you so very much!

  • 5
    So worth it!

    Posted by Elizabeth on 3rd Feb 2023

    The upfront cost for this ball winder is more than you'd pay for a plastic model that is likely imported, but the craftsmanship on this is so well-made that I think it was worth the purchase, plus I'm supporting domestic (to me) business. I had been admiring this for years before finally making the plunge, and oh my goodness it is such a time saver and winds beautiful, tidy cakes of yarn, better than I could do by hand with a nostepinne. I have previously purchased a yarn swift from Fiber Artist Supply Co, which I love, and now this completes the set! Basically, I see the cost of this as a way to value my time. I don't have to struggle with winding center-pull balls that inevitably end up with tangles on the inside, which helps a great deal when I'm knitting socks 2-at-a-time, or knitting with a lighter-weight yarn held double (using both ends). It's also such a joy to use; I couldn't stop winding up skeins when I first got it!

  • 5
    Excellent in every way

    Posted by Lisa Babikian on 21st Jan 2023

    This is impeccably engineered. After using a plastic ball winder for 10 years, I requested an upgrade for the holidays. I went the usual route and asked for the Knitters Pride wooden ball winder. I received that one for the holidays. After winding just two skeins into balls the screws holding it came loose, and as they are wood screws into plastic they would not hold tightly. This results in tangled cakes- which in the reviews many say they think they need more practice. Nope it’s the faulty engineering. I sent that back, and found this option. It spins fluidly and is so stable you don’t even have to clamp it down. Looking at the assembly in person it’s clear it will last and it’s self serviceable. Clearly a professionally designed and built item. And beautiful in its own simplistic way. I recommend to all.

  • 5
    Don't hesitate to purchase!

    Posted by Leah on 13th Nov 2022

    After fighting with my plastic winder and tangled cakes for three years, I finally decided to upgrade. Y'all, this piece is SOLID. The sheer weight of the piece and the ball bearings make winding smooth and quiet. No more plastic squeaking! I am under 30 and confident this winder is going to last the rest of my life. Now I can spend more time knitting knowing that my much-loved yarn has been handled well. Thank you, Fiber Artist Supply Co.!

  • 5
    Maple Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder

    Posted by Ann on 15th Aug 2022

    This ball winder is fantastic--quiet and smooth and it winds perfect yarn cakes. After years of struggling with the plastic ball winders, I'm kicking myself for not getting one of these sooner. No need to clamp it to the table because it is so well designed that it doesn't rock or vibrate. The workmanship is superb. Well worth the cost.

  • 5
    Maple Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder

    Posted by Melissa S on 5th Apr 2022

    I can already tell this is going to be WELL worth the $. It winds very smoothly and is very well made. I highly recommend this.