Yarn Meter Pro V

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3.00 LBS
7.00 (in)
7.00 (in)
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If you're familiar with our design philosophy, you'll see why this product is so beloved. The "V" indicates that this is the 5th iteration of this product in a dozen years, and we feel that this version is the best combination of accuracy, value, and usefulness that we have been able to achieve.

A yarn meter should be delicate yet robust. Sealed ball bearings hold the stainless steal bearing shaft securing the small measuring wheel and the aluminum pulley. When yarn is wrapped around the small measuring wheel, it tuns the small pulley which in turn rotates the large pulley that is connected to the mechanical counter. The counter has a 10,000 yard capacity & has a reset knob on the side. Accuracy is about +/-1%. This system of 3 lightweight parts can turn with relative ease adding minimal additional tension to the yarn being measured. Yarn measuring devises with large, heavy measuring wheels require extra force to turn, causing tension to be transferred to the yarn ball. 

Table clamps were skipped with this project, instead we opted to increased the size and weight of the unit. Both the bock containing the measuring assembly and the base block are solid hard maple bringing the weight of the unit to just over 2 pounds. The weight ensures that only the most severe snag at the highest speed would move the unit. We also added a pulley cover that not only protects the large pulley, but also has the measuring units machined onto the rear of the devise. 

For such a seemingly simple devise, designing this unit was quite an adventure. Finding the right balance between multiple conflicting demands was difficult, but we believe it was worth it and has produced a unit that it both functional and handsome. We hope you agree.