Maple Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder & Power Base Set

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This is truly an amazing yarn winding solution. Shop owners have been requesting a motorized winder since we released our jumbo yarn ball winder in 2017, and here it is. This listing gets you both a Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder AND a Power Base Retrofit. You'll have the ability to use the Jumbo Yarn Winder as a manual unit OR wind the same big yarn balls with our Power Base attachment. 100% best of both worlds!

This winder stays with our design philosophy: make simple products that work exceptionally well. Six sealed ball bearings allow the winder to spin almost effortlessly while a well-balanced main winding assembly allow users to to opt to wind with or without a table clamp. Hard maple and premium maple veneered plywood are finished with Danish oil.

A modular unit: An important design element that demonstrates quality to me is the ability to disassemble & service tools with little effort. Every tool that receives regular use will need to be cleaned at some point. The ability to quickly disassemble this winder sets it apart from any winder on the market at this price point. You can take the entire unit apart in less than a minute. Suppose you drop the winder and break just one part. Rather than throwing the entire unit away, you can easily purchase just the part you need from this website. Try that with an imported winder. Want to add an "art yarn" guide? Simply loosen the yarn guide set screw and replace the standard yarn guide. It's that easy.

Yarn Capacity: The amount of yarn that this winder (or any winder) can hold depends on the tension placed on the yarn as it is fed into the unit and the thickness of the yarn. You should be able to get around 1 pound of fingering weight yarn on this winder. Ten ounces is about the maximum capacity of worsted weight yarn. Thicker yarns will be less. We have found that the capacity is about twice that of our little blue plastic winder.

About the belts: Urethane belting is a commonly used cheap power transmission method for this industry. These belts are designed to last about 10 years. If they stretch you can cut, heat the ends, and weld them back together. There is be a little "flashing" that will need to be cut. We also sell replacement belts.

The Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder Power Base is a logical extension to our popular jumbo yarn winder.

Simplicity & the ability to retrofit our existing winder were driving forces behind this design project. Speed is adjustable, direction is not. The small brushed DC motor we selected has performed very well. As I write this, I have over 500 hours on my original tested unit and the brushes show very little wear. A few thousand hours of service is a reasonable expectation of life. When customers begin to reach that threshold and are in need of replacement parts, we will offer them with video explanations detailing how to service the unit.

The power supply/speed control is a separate unit containing a speed control knob and LED readout that produces a number that is roughly correlated with the speed of the winder. The speed control being a separate unit allows the user to position the speed control anywhere that feels comfortable. High-quality rubber feet keep the power base and speed control in place while winding.

Overview, set-up & use (please note: the power base in the video is an older model with the speed control on the power base):
Proper yarn guide placement supplemental:

Power Base Instructions:
Jumbo Yarn Winder Instructions:
Jumbo Yarn Winder Set-Up (PREVENT YARN BARF) Instructions:

Our warranty: Each Jumbo Yarn Winder & Power Base we sell has a one year warranty from date of purchase against manufacturer's defects.

Items ship mostly assembled. Yarn not included.

Made in our Cincinnati, OH workshop.


NOTE ON SHIPPING: This parcel is large and heavy. We try not to rip anyone off on shipping, but depending on your location, it may be cheaper to purchase the winder and power base separately and pay separate shipping on two smaller boxes.





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    Love It!

    Posted by Catherine Chapman on 3rd Nov 2019

    I bought the winder and powerbase as a pre-order. I was so excited when it arrived and I was not disappointed. The winder has a variation of speeds, it can wind clockwise and counterclockwise, and you can adjust for larger skeins. The setup was fairly easy and it came with easy to use instruction to wind the best cakes. I won't own another winder. My only disappointment is that the pre-order was over $100 more than the current price, but it just makes it an even better deal now.