Handcrafted Electric Motorized Maple Weavers' Shuttle Bobbin Winder (for use with bobbins, weaving loom and boat shuttle).

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Welcome to the Etsy home of Fiber Artist Supply Company! We're a small manufacturer of handcrafted knitting and weaving supplies located in Cincinnati, OH. Founded in 2007 in Chicago, IL, we have been working hard ever since to bring high-quality solid hardwood supplies to our customers.

If productivity is your aim, our electric bobbin winder is a great choice. Using the same robust DC motor that we use in our popular electronic yarn winders provides ample speed and power to make short work of winding bobbins. Maximum speed is around 3000 RPMs.  The DC power supply has an integrated speed adjustment and with the addition of a momentary foot pedal, you have control to start/stop the tool instantaneously.
Crafted from hard maple and maple veneered premium plywood & finished with natural Danish Oil, this winder stands 9-1/2" tall and has a machine ground stainless steel shaft that tapers from .2" at tip to .3125" at base, and will accommodate most commercially available bobbins, and many pirns. LeClerc bobbins, Schacht pirns and bobbins, and Harrisville bobbins are all known to fit. This winder WILL NOT work with Ashford plastic bobbins. The included pictures show just some of the bobbins that will work well with this winder.  The bearings are sealed and require no maintenance, and the belt is high-quality, long-lasting urethane belting (the same belting used in many spinning wheels). BOBBINS NOT INCLUDED.

The included clamp will accommodate any lipped table up to 2-1/4" thick.

This item is individually handcrafted in our Cincinnati, OH workshop.