Carolyn Table Loom

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The Carolyn Table Loom is a versatile folding loom featuring a 23" weaving width.

Available with your choice of 4 , 8, or 12 shafts, the Carolyn Table Loom features front-facing shaft control keys that are easy to reach and pull. This loom shows delightfully smooth action because all cords run over wooden pulleys instead of being dragged over rods or around eyelets. The warp control pawls and ratchets are located outside the frame where they can be easily reached while weaving. Double pawls allow 36 stops per beam turn, providing optimal tension control. 

The Carolyn loom folds easily, with or without a warp in place, allowing the weaver to travel to workshops or store the loom when it's not in use. The 8- and 12-shaft options allows the weaver to explore more complex weaving projects while still benefitting from the compact and portable construction.

All metal parts are stainless steel or rust resistant. Rubber feet protect your loom and table tops.


Loom Pricing:

4 Shaft - $899 +tax

8 Shaft - $999 +tax

12 Shaft - $1,150 +tax


Included with the Loom: 

400 - 7" Teksolv heddles (600 for the 12-shaft)

2 - 30" Lease Sticks

2 - 18" Stick Shuttles

1 - Steel Reed (your choice of 10 or 12 dent)

1 - Reed Hook


Loom Specs:

Weight: 21.5 lb. (4 Shaft); 27.5 lb. (8 Shaft), 33.5 lb. (12 Shaft)

Overall Width: 30"

Overall Height (in weaving mode): 25"

Overall Depth: 29"