8-Shaft Mimi Table Loom

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8-Shaft Mimi Loom 


Designed for lightness and portability, our Mimi table looms are complete weaver’s tools. They have graded length shaft control keys so fingers can easily identify which keys to lift or return. Warp control pawls and ratchets are outside where the weaver can easily reach them. Changing sheds is an extraordinarily smooth action because cords run over 16 maple wood pulleys, never dragged over rods or around eyelets. 


Mimi’s shed is more than adequate for flat shuttles & most boat shuttles.


Double pawls, back and front, make 32 stops per turn.


Original: Woolhouse Original looms are a built to specification with minimal changes.


Standing Fold: Is the fastest folding method & is great for storing an unwarped loom. Simply loosen top thumb screws & lift braces. Rack the loom back to re-engage braces on notch. Re-tighten top thumb tcrews. Tension is lost with standing fold.


Flat Fold: Loom can be folded with/without a warp in place. Remove 4x thumb screw, rotate castle 90 degrees and re-install. Beater becomes a separate part unless the loom is warped. 


Original: Woolhouse Original looms are built to specification with minimal changes.


Woolhouse looms have three beater positions. The beater is not connected to the base, allowing users to quickly move it between warp advances. The beater position closest to the weaver holds the beater in quick fold.


Rubber feet provide protection for table top.


Ratchet & Pawl: Wood ratchet and pawls delightfully turn the beam along 32 stops.

Weaving Width: 16.5”

LxWxH: 27”x22.5”x17”


Shafts: 8

Folding: Standing Fold, Flat Fold (27”x22.5”x8”)

Heddle Length: 7”

Heddle Quantity: 400

Modern/Original: Original


2x Lease Stick

2x 11-¾” Stick Shuttle

2x Apron Rod and Texsolv Cord

5/32” Hex Wrench

Threading Hook

Reed Option:  6,8,10,12,15,20