Maple 20 End Fringe Twister

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The fringe twister is one of those weaving accessories that many weavers like to keep handy. To use, simply clasp a fringe in each clasp and wind your desired number of rotations. Keep track of the rotations as you continue to wind your fringes for perfect consistency. Our fringe twisters are crafted from maple and steel hardware with rubber caps tightly fit onto the end. 


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    Faster, once you learn how to use it

    Posted by Silver on 23rd Nov 2019

    My first try with this device was a scarf woven with 10/2 warp, 16 ends per inch (epi). I discovered that with threads that closely spaced, you cant clip your fringes on in order - fringe 1, then 2, then 3, etc. If you try, 1 will be straight, but 3 will be very slanted and 4 even worse. You can't get proper tension this way. This is because the clips are spaced further apart than my thread groups are. Which is how it has to be b/c otherwise the clips would jam against each other.
    So, what you have to do is lay down your twister and clip to it the fringes that line up with the clips. Twist those fringes, release and knot them, then shift the twister over a bit so it lines up with untwisted fringes and do it again. It's not hard, just requires a bit of a learning curve and is still way faster than a smaller twister when you have 190+ends per side x 4 scarves to twist (over 1,520 ends). Fringes spaced further apart won't have this issue.
    A suggestion to the maker - it would be nice if this twister came with the option of a clamp set up like the 4 end twisters. Would help with wrist fatigue. The twister isn't heavy, until you are trying to hold it still and at even tension all down the line while also twisting several fringes at once. Possibly two clamps, one set at the 1/3rd mark and the other at the 2/3rd mark?