Inkle Loom for Band Weaving 6' Bands

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The inkle loom is a great way to dip your feet into weaving without a huge investment of time or money! For this loom we wanted something that was simple to assemble, can be disassembled without parts becoming loose, and was rigid enough to take the stress of warp tension.

The loom body is produced from 3/4" thick US made Appleply. Appleply is our go-to plywood for these types of projects and it was a perfect fit here. The rods are 7/8" thick sanded maple dowels, with the tension peg which is 1" thick. We secured the pegs with a carriage bolt that runs the entire length of the dowel body and a cap nut on the back. Also included is a 4mm hex wrench that can easily tighten the dowels to the loom body.

The maximum warp length on this loom is about 84", allowing users to make a band about 72" in length.

There are a few design aspects that we added to this loom to help make it as fun and easy to use as possible. The feet that hold the loom up utilize the screw-in bumpers that we use on many other popular items we sell. It's nice to have a tool that stays put as you dress it. Next, the top heddle peg is protruding from the loom body leaving space for users to get their left hand in to push the warp threads up & down. For the tension knob, we went with the best know we can find. It's a big, easy to grab t-handle knob that left everything else we tested in the dust.

Also included is a maple inkle weaving shuttle. Yarn not included. The yarn from the photos is 3/2 pearl cotton with the exception of the band on the left in the photo which is wool.


Assembly and use instructions are available here: