Fiber Artist Supply Ultimate Winding Station includes Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder, Yarn Meter Pro, Medium Yarn Swift & IKEA Finnvard Attachments

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This set has always been such a hit at shows that we made it available for anyone that wants the Ultimate Yarn Winding station! Please note that the IKEA FINNVARD TRESTLE table is NOT included with this kit. You can use the tools attached to the Finnvard table, or they can also be removed and used on a lipped table. Here is a list of what IS included:

-Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder
-Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder Finnvard attachment platform
-Yarn Meter Pro V
-Yarn Meter Pro V perch
-Medium Yarn Swift
-Yarn Swift perch

Please watch the IKEA Finnvard attachment instructions 

This winder stays with our design philosophy: make simple products that work exceptionally well. Six sealed ball bearings allow the winder to spin almost effortlessly while a well-balanced main winding assembly allow users to to opt to wind with or without a table clamp. Hard maple and premium maple veneered plywood are finished with Danish oil.

A modular unit: An important design element that demonstrates quality to me is the ability to disassemble & service tools with little effort. Every tool that receives regular use will need to be cleaned at some point. The ability to quickly disassemble this winder sets it apart from any winder on the market at this price point. You can take the entire unit apart in less than a minute. Suppose you drop the winder and break just one part. Rather than throwing the entire unit away, you can easily purchase just the part you need from this website. Try that with an imported winder. Want to add an "art yarn" guide? Simply loosen the yarn guide set screw and replace the standard yarn guide. It's that easy.

Yarn Capacity: The amount of yarn that this winder (or any winder) can hold depends on the tension placed on the yarn as it is fed into the unit and the thickness of the yarn. You should be able to get around 1 pound of fingering weight yarn on this winder. Ten ounces is about the maximum capacity of worsted weight yarn. Thicker yarns will be less. We have found that the capacity is about twice that of our little blue plastic winder.

About the belts: Urethane belting is a commonly used cheap power transmission method for this industry. These belts are designed to last about 10 years. If they stretch you can cut, heat the ends, and weld them back together. There is be a little "flashing" that will need to be cut. We also sell replacement belts.

Our warranty: Each jumbo ball winder we sell has a one year warranty from date of purchase against manufacturer's defects. You can tell when your item was produced by referencing the serial number on the bottom. We warrant each unit for the year on the bottom plus one year.

A yarn meter should be delicate yet robust. Sealed ball bearings hold the stainless steal bearing shaft securing the small measuring wheel and the aluminum pulley. When yarn is wrapped around the small measuring wheel, it tuns the small pulley which in turn rotates the large pulley that is connected to the mechanical counter. The counter has a 10,000 yard capacity & has a reset knob on the side. Accuracy is about +/-1%. This system of 3 lightweight parts can turn with relative ease adding minimal additional tension to the yarn being measured. Yarn measuring devises with large, heavy measuring wheels require extra force to turn, causing tension to be transferred to the yarn ball.

Table clamps were skipped with this project, instead we opted to increased the size and weight of the unit. Both the bock containing the measuring assembly and the base block are solid hard maple bringing the weight of the unit to just over 2 pounds. The weight ensures that only the most severe snag at the highest speed would move the unit. We also added a pulley cover that not only protects the large pulley, but also has the measuring units machined onto the rear of the devise.

For such a seemingly simple devise, designing this unit was quite an adventure. Finding the right balance between multiple conflicting demands was difficult, but we believe it was worth it and has produced a unit that it both functional and handsome. We hope you agree.

The yarn swift was our very first item back in 2008 and still remains one of our most popular! Our newest model melds the simplicity of our popular tabletop swift arm design with the stability and durability of a sealed metal ball bearing system. Other tabletop yarn swifts --often referred to as "Amish style"-- rely on a wood-on-wood drive system that can lead to loose fit and excessive "play" in the arms as they spin.

For this project we bring together maple and cabinet grade maple plywood to create a yarn swift that will last for many years, but also won't set you back as much as umbrella-style swifts. The tabletop design also gives users the flexibility to wind or unwind from anywhere they can place the swift --we often wind onto our ball winder from the floor. High-quality rubber feet are screwed into the base and keep the swift in place.

Aside from the ability to unwind from this swift, it also has the added flexibility of functioning as a capable skein winder for home use. When four of the 3/8" birch pegs are placed at identical spots along the arms, users can create skeins of 24", 36", 48", or 60" circumference.

Overview, set-up & use:
Proper yarn guide placement supplemental:

Set-up & use:


Items ship mostly assembled. Yarn not included.

Made in our Cincinnati, OH workshop.