Fiber Artist Supply Ultimate Electric Winding Station includes Standard Electric Ball Winder Yarn Winder, Yarn Meter, Medium Yarn Swift, & IKEA Finnvard Attachments

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This set has always been such a hit at shows that we made it available for anyone that wants the Ultimate Yarn Winding station! Please note that the IKEA FINNVARD TRESTLE table is NOT included with this kit. You can use the tools attached to the Finnvard table, or they can also be removed and used on a lipped table. Here is a list of what IS included:
-Standard Electric Yarn Ball Winder
-Standard Electric Yarn Ball Winder Finnvard attachment platform
-Yarn Meter 
-Yarn Meter perch
-Medium Yarn Swift
-Yarn Swift perch

PLEASE NOTE that the assembly instructions for the attachment are in video form for this kit available here:

This is truly an amazing yarn winding solution.

Our standard sized electric winder offers many of the same high quality components of that our popular jumbo winder offers, but without the ability to operate the unit manually or make jumbo cakes. It's a simple plug & play operation and runs off of 100-240v wall power. This winder can handle most commercially available skeins.

About the belts: Urethane belting is a commonly used power transmission method for this industry. These belts are designed to last about 10 years. We also sell replacement belts.

Simplicity was the driving force behind this design project. Speed is adjustable, direction is not. The small brushed DC motor we selected performs very well. As I write this, I have over 500 hours on my original tested unit and the brushes show very little wear. A few thousand hours of service is a reasonable expectation of life. When customers begin to reach that threshold and are in need of replacement parts, we will offer them with video explanations detailing how to service the unit.

The power supply/speed control is a separate unit containing a speed control knob and LED readout that produces a number that is correlated with the speed of the winder. The speed control being a separate unit allows the user to position the speed control anywhere that feels comfortable. High-quality rubber feet keep the power base and speed control in place while winding. A worthy addition to the winder is a momentary foot switch. The foot switch simply plugs into the wall, and the power supply plugs into it. This gives the user the ability to start/stop at a moment's notice, allowing both hands to be tending yarn. 

Product documentation:



Looking for a tool to measure your yarn? You're going to love this one! Just use the ultra clamp to secure the yarn meter between your swift and ball winder, send the yarn through the yarn guide, around the yarn measurement wheel & out the other yarn guide. We make these things here in our Cincinnati workshop using quality UpGreen Counters, German IGUS bearings, ABS gears & a solid hard maple block with a plywood shroud to prevent the gears from getting damaged.


Accuracy: The diameter of this yarn measurement wheel 1.91" +/-0.005" in diameter, which equals about 6" in circumference. The gears have a 6:1 ratio, so six revolutions of the yarn measurement wheel is 1 actuation of the counter.

Product Documentation:

The yarn swift was our very first item back in 2008 and still remains one of our most popular! Our newest model melds the simplicity of our popular tabletop swift arm design with the stability and durability of a sealed metal ball bearing system. Other tabletop yarn swifts --often referred to as "Amish style"-- rely on a wood-on-wood drive system that can lead to loose fit and excessive "play" in the arms as they spin.

For this project we bring together maple and cabinet grade maple plywood to create a yarn swift that will last for many years, but also won't set you back as much as umbrella-style swifts. The tabletop design also gives users the flexibility to wind or unwind from anywhere they can place the swift --we often wind onto our ball winder from the floor. High-quality rubber feet are screwed into the base and keep the swift in place.

Aside from the ability to unwind from this swift, it also has the added flexibility of functioning as a capable skein winder for home use. When four of the 3/8" birch pegs are placed at identical spots along the arms, users can create skeins of 24", 36", 48", or 60" circumference.

Set-up & use:

Items ship mostly assembled. Yarn not included.

Made in our Cincinnati, OH workshop.